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4 Fun things to do at the Beach

4 Fun things to do at the Beach

A walk at the beach can be one of the most soothing experiences that will help you connect with the nature around you. The sound of the waves hitting the shore, the warm sand below the soles of your feet and the beautiful hues in the sky as the sun sets below the horizon will make you never want to leave. But, besides making sandcastles, venturing into the waves and bathing in the sun, the beach can sometimes get boring. However, with a little preparation and research, you can be sure to have a great time even on a hot, sunny day! Here are 4 fun things to do at the beach:

Cleaning fun

Most visitors at the beach are very ignorant towards the environment and tend to drop trash all around the shore. Firstly, make sure you’re not one of them. The beach is home to hundreds of species of fish and animals. Teach your kids to be more aware of the trash they generate and make sure you store it for later disposal. However, you can also turn this into a fun activity by challenging your kids to search for the most trash. While the kids will be busy for hours running around in the sand, hunting for trash, they will also be doing a great deed for the environment.


In places with such colorful grandeur, creativity is at its best. Take along a few markers and paints and walk around to find the best looking pebbles, shells or rocks. Sit on the beach and watch the sea as you paint your findings, giving it your own touch of color. You can then leave the shells and rocks in various places on the shore or take them home with you as a memorable souvenir.


We all are familiar with ‘Pictionary’, the famous game of draw and guess. But, why not take advantage of being at the beach and collect a few sturdy sticks and rocks that can help you draw in the sand. Sit around in a circle near the waves and start drawing for your team to guess, make sure you finish guessing before the waves wash your drawings away! This is a very fun game to play, especially because of the unpredictable nature of the waves, giving each team different amounts of time to guess their word.

Play a sport

Playing football and volleyball at the beach are highly underrated experiences. They can be great fun and do not require too much apparatus. Just remember to carry a beach ball and a portable net so that you can start playing anywhere. This is a great way to meet strangers, who may also be looking for people to play with. Sports at the beach are a great bonding activity that almost never ends up badly.

While playing at the beach is always fun, and splashing around in the water never disappoints, it can be a problem if the sea water gets into your ears. Here’s how to get water out of ears:

Firstly, do not panic. Getting water out of your ears is very simple even though it may feel very uncomfortable. Try jiggling your earlobe vigorously in order to break the suction created in your ear. You can also use gravity by facing the ear down and jumping up and down until you feel the water trickle out. Covering your nostrils with your fingers and blowing your nose hard will also help relieve the pressure in your ear and bring the water out.

The beach has unlimited potential to have fun and relax. All it takes is a keen eye and a little imagination. Make sure you use some of the tips mentioned above in order to have an amazing time by the sea!

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